Fairbill Tickets


Feel free. Choose what you pay!

Fairbill-Tickets is a donation-based solution for event organizers to create, promote and sell tickets online. We partner with event makers to help you hosting successful events. Its up to you how much you pay.

Our mission

We want to promote a fair and cooperative business model. Our aim is to empower event organizers and to let them choose their costs. Donate what you want based on your event experience with us.

Donation… what do I pay?

Well, you decide! If you liked our service, we appreciate your donation! If you wish to donate nothing, Fairbill Tickets is free for you.

How does ist work?

We will set up an event page with your event details, ticket prices, etc. We charge you only the payment fees, have a look at Fairbill pricing. Decide after your event, how much you want to donate for the tickets service. If you aren’t sure on how much to donate, our recommendation is 3% of your online sales.

No registration: Increasing your sales!

A registration is always a hurdle: A lot of people refuse to pay when they are forced to register. That’s why we keep it simple: Fairbill allows to pay without any registration. Your attendees only give their email-address and choose a payment method. Thats it!

Lets get started!

Fairbill-Tickets is a service for members of our Cooperative. Join our cooperative and get a free account in our system to process various types of payments: Bank transfer, SEPA direct debit, Sofortüberweisung, Bitcoin and credit cards. As soon as you start selling tickets online, you will see all your incoming payments. Further, you get an instant confirmation in your account or your smartphone in real-time.

Extra security layer

Your attendees receive a digital ticket they can print with our exclusive 2-level security codes.
More on security

Receive notifications

Receive instant notifications each time a ticket is sold. Per Email and optionally directly to your smartphone.

Check in your attendees


We will send you your entrance list. If you want to go paperless you just need a computer and internet access at the check-in.

You can also check in your attendees with any scan reader barcode app capable of URL calling, like Barcode scanner.


For more information, please contact us.